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As a team member, you mastered the technical skills of your job. If you’re considering taking on a supervisory position or have become a supervisor, there are different skills, abilities and knowledge you need to be successful. The supervisor’s influence on productivity, morale, and work quality should not be understated. Learn to navigate the transition into a supervisory role, clarify roles and responsibilities, align your team’s work with your co-op’s mission-critical areas, discuss the challenges of new supervisors and determine the best approaches to addressing them and create a personal long-term development plan.


  • Understand your role and responsibilities as a supervisor
  • Set expectations and goals for your team and its’ work to align with your co-op’s mission
  • Learn the different types of leadership styles, which style you tend to use and when you should use each one.
  • Recognize the personal behavioral patterns that impact your team (both positively and negatively) and steps you can take to minimize the negative behaviors
  • Learn the three types of power and how to use them appropriately
  • Model the behavior you expect from your team
  • Create your personal development plan for making a successful transition from a staff member to supervisor


  • Four mission-critical areas of electric cooperatives
  • Supervisors’ role at the co-op and the challenges inherent in that role
  • Four-step process for setting, monitoring and supporting expectations of team members
  • Importance of trust and being trustworthy
  • Three types of power
  • Leadership styles
  • Time management
  • Personal career development plan