Co-op Campaign Academy


                Have you thought about a run for public office, or maybe you have already filed for state legislator, city council, mayor, or sheriff? Or maybe you are helping a friend or relative on their campaign by fundraising, managing the campaign or coordinating volunteers. If any of those situations apply, then the 2018 Co-op Campaign Academy is for you.

                Filing for office is just the first step to getting elected. Now comes the tricky part — running a successful campaign. The Co-op Campaign Academy — sponsored by the Montana Electric Cooperatives’ Association, Montana's Credit Unions, Montana Council of Cooperatives, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association and the Credit Union National Association — can help with that.

                The day-long training session focuses on how to run a winning campaign, communicating your message, writing a campaign plan, election and finance laws, working with the press, writing commercials, getting out the vote and raising funds.

               Prior attendees have praised the school, from learning about Montana’s relatively low individual contribution cap — $170 per each contributor — to learning what questions to ask themselves before opting to run.

                There are three Co-op Campaign Academy sessions this year to give everyone across the state a chance at attending. The first Co-op Campaign Academy is Jan. 23 in Missoula at the Hilton Garden Inn, 3720 N Reserve St. The second one-day session is Jan. 24 at 501 Bay Drive in Great Falls and the third academy is Jan. 25 in Billings at Altana Federal Credit Union, 3212 Central Ave.

                The cost of the school is $45 for the first registrant from a campaign and $35 for each additional registrant from the campaign, for anyone who preregisters. The cost to register at the door is $55 for the first registrant from a campaign, and $45 for each additional registrant from that campaign.

                To preregister, click the link below:

          Click here to register.